Raw Vegan Breakfast Ice Cream Cake

Raw Vegan Breakfast Ice Cream Cake

I usually keep breakfast pretty simple with green smoothies or oatmeal. Last week Ross looked at me with are you crazy?? eyes when I pulled a cake out of the freezer and sliced us pieces for breakfast. The night before I secretly prepared today’s Raw Vegan Breakfast Ice Cream Cake - a totally raw breakfast-friendly decadent looking… 

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Vegan Labor Day Roundup

Labor Day Roundup

What are you up to this Labor Day weekend? If you’re throwing a BBQ, headed to a picnic or potluck here are some of my Labor Day Roundup picks from my blog and a few other awesome bloggers! As always, everything is vegan and gluten-free. “Fried” Pickles + Avocado Cashew Aioli You may have seen… 

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Vegan Almond Dill Cheese

Vegan Almond Dill Cheese 3

I LOVE making nut-based vegan cheeses. Usually my recipe is simply nuts blended with olive oil and salt, then enjoyed as a spread. Today I’m going to share a slightly more complicated vegan cheese, but trust me when I say that it’s worth the effort. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve eaten non-vegan cheese… 

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Roasted Gluten-Free Breaded Tomatoes

Roasted Gluten-Free Breaded Tomatoes Vegan 2

  I’ve had my fair share of less-than-awesome NYC landlords so I feel very lucky to finally have a nice, totally-not-sleazy landlord. As lovely as he is, the one difficulty is that he has very thick accent so I’m not always 100% sure what he’s saying. Last week he came by and I thought he asked me… 

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Easy Raw Vegan Summer Pasta

Raw Summer Noodle Salad Vegan Gluten Free 4

When I first became interested in raw vegan food I was totally blown away by how satisfying raw versions of traditionally cooked recipes can be. From cheesecake to pad thai, I’m all about enjoying fresh, raw meals during the summer months (talk to me in December and I’m most likely eating a bowl of warm chili over rice)… 

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“Fried” Pickles+ Vegan Avocado-Cashew Aioli (Gluten-Free)

Baked Fried Pickles 3

Last weekend we had a few of friends over for an afternoon BBQ where we grilled  veggie kabobs on the tiny grill on our fire escape. Ross marinated the veggies in his secret sauce (he won’t tell me the recipe but he says he’ll do a guest post eventually) and our friend Amy brought over these unbelievably tasty  vegan crab cakes -seriously, you… 

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Coconut Hummus!!

Coconut Hummus Vegan

When I was in college I lived with two other ladies and between the three of us we must have gone through at least 4-5 containers of hummus per week. We loved hummus so much that we once threw a potluck party where we whipped up huge batches of homemade hummus and our guests were asked… 

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Vegan Shop-Up Roundup

shop up 1

 Recently I talked about one of my favorite things about being vegan- the community! Here in Brooklyn we have an event called Vegan Shop-Up, a monthly pop-up market featuring vegan food, clothing and cosmetic vendors. It’s held at The Pine Box, a bar famous for serving all vegan food and drinks (including vegan white russians and empanadas!) and every… 

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Vegan Chocolate Fudge & Nut Butter Mousse Pie

Chocolate Fudge+ Nut Butter Mouse Pie Vegan Gluten-Free 4

A couple of months ago I joined my local food coop and my grocery shopping has been totally revolutionized! I used to make a great effort to get the the farmer’s market but since there isn’t one super close to where I live I often found myself hauling heavy bags of groceries on the subway… 

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Vegan Mushroom Lentil Burger

Mushroom Lentil Burger Vegan Gluten Free

It’s veggie burger time! I tend to go in phases with veggie burgers- sometimes I’ll whip up a big batch, freeze them and enjoy them for a month or two then I’ll totally forget they even existed for a few months. Earlier this week I was in the mood for sweet potato fries and set out… 

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Blueberry Quinoa Cornbread (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Quinoa Blueberry Cornbread Vegan Gluten-Free 3

Do you ever start out in the kitchen making one thing but end up getting inspired to create something entirely different? That’s the story for about 90% of the recipes here at The Colorful Kitchen and today’s Vegan, Gluten-Free Blueberry Quinoa Cornbread is no exception! I had some blueberries leftover from making Blueberry Scones a few days ago so I… 

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