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Getting Back in Balance

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. This year Hanukkah overlapped with Thanksgiving which according to the Jewish calendar won’t happen again for 75,000 years- so it was a very big deal for my family!  We all got together to celebrate this rare double holiday, which was wonderful…but it meant twice the food!  We enjoyed my Vegan Shepherd’s Pie and other healthy dishes but like many holidays, I ended up eating a little more than I usually do. I normally avoid foods that contain processed sugar (more about that in this post), but my mom was able to find these super cute vegan chocolate turkeys so I ended up eating way more sugar than I have years!

By the end of the weekend I was looking forward to getting back to enjoying foods that make me feel nourished and energized. I thought I would do something little different on the blog today and share what I ate yesterday throughout the day to restore balance.  If I was writing this post in July you would see tons of raw veggies, salad and smoothies.  One of the most important parts of restoring balance is getting in tune with the season, so I yesterday I focused on cooked veggies and warm grains.


I started my day with a big mug of fresh ginger tea (1″ piece of ginger simmered in water for 10 minutes). I knew that getting to my yoga class would help me get my energy level back up so I made my favorite simple pre-yoga breakfast- a bowl of brown rice and steamed spinach with sprinkle of sea salt.

Strawberry kombucha on the way to yoga!


Sweet potatoes are great for reducing water retention and helping to eliminate toxins so I made a super simple stew of sweet potato, onion, garlic, carrots and kale with avocado slices on the side.


Afternoon Snack

Around 4pm I had green tea and hummus with carrots and seaweed snacks. Oh and did I mention I focused on drinking tons of water all day?


My boyfriend mentioned that he was looking forward to having a dinner filled with lots of veggies so I made us a stir-fry with onions, garlic, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots with edamame, cashews and gomashio. Kind of an “everything but the kitchen sink” dinner.


There you have it! I’m feeling happy and totally back normal.  I think an important thing to remember that it’s just as easy to get on track as it is to get out of whack. If you’ve overdone it or are feeling out of balance, just focus on making sure your next meal is full of wholesome goodness and you’ll be just fine!

What’s your favorite way to get back in balance? I would love to hear what dishes you gravitate towards!

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  1. Kombucha is definitely my go-to when I’m try to get back on track – but I also love kale, cabbage and apples (not together unless I’m making green juice)! I love it when I’m craving those foods!

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