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Vegan Snapshot: Juice Generation, New York City

Vegan Snapshot is a restaurant review series where I share memorable (and recommendable!) vegan and gluten-free dishes from around New York City…and beyond! 

Juice Generation is one of my favorite spots to get a fresh juice or smoothie in NYC. Over the past few years they’ve opened a bunch of new locations around Manhattan- I’ve been crossing my fingers for a North Brooklyn location to pop up…and finally my wish has come true! Their new spot in Williamsburg opened last week so I had to head over and get my favorite smoothie, the Kale Kolada. I love this smoothie because they simply crack open a fresh coconut, blend it with kale, spinach and banana…and voila! The best part is that they give you the option of using the coconut shell as your cup.

They have also have a gluten-free muffin case that usually has 2-3 vegan options, as well as pre-made raw salads and snacks. If you’re in the mood for something sweet and decadent you must try their Peanut Butter Split Smoothie…seriously it’s out of this world.

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