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Leftovers? Vegan Arepa Time!

With any kind of leftovers I usually do one of two things- throw them on top of greens and call it a salad or throw them on top of rice and call it a stir-fry. Today I’m excited to share my new favorite way to use leftovers…Vegan Leftover Arepas! I’ve been a fan of arepas (a naturally gluten-free Venezuelan flatbread) for a few years but only had them in restaurants because I never knew how simple they are to make….until my friend Mariana showed me a couple of weeks ago (remember our epic birthday brunch, arepa, cookie cake day?).

Mariana just posted her arepa recipe on her blog Vegan Koala. Her traditional arepas are so delicious I had to share them with you, as well as a couple of my leftover concoctions I’ve made recently.

Remember my Roasted Garlic Achaar Tofu Scramble from earlier this week? I put the leftovers into an arepa for lunch the next day and it was the perfect combination of Indian and Venezuelan cuisine!

This one looks totally messy (I’m still working on my arepa technique!) but it tasted great. I put leftover baked tempeh, sautéed kale, black beans and avocado into an arepa.

Basically I’m all about the arepas now! What do you normally do with your leftovers? Any other arepa-makers out there? I highly recommend you follow Mariana’s recipe then go crazy with the fillings!


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One Response to Leftovers? Vegan Arepa Time!

  1. Hi, Ilene – I LOVE your website, which I just discovered while searching for a vegan, gluten-free arepa recipe. Great info, fab pics and a beautiful overall aesthetic. I will be a repeat visitor!

    It does not appear that your friend Mariana’s Vegan Koala website is active. Anyway to get her arepa recipe? Thanks so much, and keep on posting!

    Best regards,
    Robin Kelson
    Good Seed Company

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