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Vegan Grilled Sandwich Magic!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that lately I’ve been a big fan of grilled sandwiches for lunch. It all started when I spotted a never-used George Foreman Grill at my Uncle’s house and decided to bring it home, hoping to use it as a panini press.

Ever since, I’ve been grilling up sandwiches left and right! They’ve been my go-to, easy lunch for a while now (and always a big hit on Instagram) and today I would like to share my super simple tricks for Vegan Grilled Sandwich Magic.

The following is my basic template (and a few recommendations) for building colorful kitchen style sandwiches. Pick one item (or as many as you want!) from each category and you’ll be good to go!

The Bread

  • Spelt bread (low gluten, but not gluten-free)- homemade or from Bread Alone.
  • Gluten-Free Brown Rice Bread– I keep a stash in my freezer.
  • Gluten-Free Millet and Flax Bread from Sami’s Bakery– I’ve only found this brand at a few health stores but it’s by far the least “gluten-free tasting” gf bread out there!

The Spread

The Protein

  • Grilled tempeh- simply marinate in tamari and lightly fry on each side. You can make a big batch to store in the fridge for a few days worth of sandwiches.
  • Baked tofu- I’ll often have leftover baked tofu in the fridge from dinner.
  • Chickpea or Tempeh Tuna Salad

The Veggies

  • Avocado- avo slices are priority #1 in my sandwich in everything.
  • Sauerkraut- another big MUST for me!
  • Leftover salad- my go-to quick salad is kale marinated in olive oil, tahini and tamari. I’ll often have leftovers in the fridge and they make the perfect sandwich addition.
  • Sauteed greens- lightly wilt chard, spinach or kale before adding it to your sandwich. This takes just a minute and adds an amazing texture.

The Vegan Cheese

  • Chao slices- I love how melty this cheese gets. The coconut herb flavor is my current favorite.
  • Daiya slices- cheddar or provolone-you can’t go wrong.

Feeling creative for lunchtime yet? Here are a few photos to inspire your next lunch…

Tempeh “Tuna” Salad Melt


Tempeh, kale, hummus and pepper jack
Tempeh, avo, mustard, sauerkraut and cheddar



Avo, kale, mustard and cheddar




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